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The latest on ARIA resources, activities, and other news related to
allergic  rhinitis and its impact on asthma.
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April 2016

MASK >> MACVIA-ARIA Sentinel Network
New App available!!!

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

We are very excited to announce the development and launch in almost 20 countries and languages of the MASK (MACVIA-ARIA Sentinel NetworK) App.

This App - the Allergy Diary by MACVIA-ARIA - is totally free of charge and enables users to keep a daily record of their allergic rhinitis and asthma symptoms as well as their medication use. The app is simple to use, and combines practicality with good scientific practice, having been developed with a global team of world leading allergy clinicians.  The symptom ratings you provide daily are captured using validated measures that can be interpreted as a level of symptom control. These are simple rating scales that just require you to tap a line to indicate your response to three or four (if you have asthma) symptom questions.  You can also record the medication you take each day.  Select the medication you usually use from the medication lists provided and save this in your profile, then record your medication use each day from your short list in seconds, or add a new medication when you need to.  You can update or edit your symptom rating and medication use throughout the day if you need to. 
Tracking your daily symptoms and medication use allows you to see how well your treatment is working, identify any patterns in your symptoms and therefore take control of your disease, and improve communication with your doctor or pharmacist.  Your results are shown in easy to read graphs, allowing you to view your symptom experience over time, in days, months, or years.  The medication you have taken on any day can be seen on your results screen simply by touching the day on the graph.
The diary has an optional reminder function to help you remember to track and treat your symptoms, allowing you to set a reminder every day, twice a day or once per week.  If you record symptoms that suggest your allergic rhinitis is uncontrolled for 3 days in a row or more, the diary will alert you to this fact in case you would like to share your results with your doctor or pharmacist.   The diary also includes a geo localisation function that, in the future, will permit the app to allow you to compare your level of symptom control with other allergy sufferers in your area, or alert you if an allergy you have reported suffering from will soon be arriving in your area!
Allergic rhinitis is among the most common diseases in the world. It exists in all age groups, often starts early in life and persists across the life cycle. Allergic rhinitis often impairs social life, work and school performance. 
MACVIA-LR (Fighting chronic diseases for active and healthy ageing, is a reference site of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. It has initiated the project AIRWAYS ICPs, integrated care pathways for airway diseases which includes MASK-rhinitis (MACVIA-ARIA Sentinel NetworK). 
If you choose to register your app, your anonymous / coded data will be used by MACVIA-ARIA to better understand the patient experience of allergic rhinitis, its impact on asthma and the effectiveness of current treatment options.

Please view the home page where you will be able to play a demonstration video.

November 2012

ARIA leaders take stock of 10 years of the initiative's achievements in a paper published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Click here to read an abstract of the paper.

ARIA and GA2LEN also collaborated on a paper in Allergy describing the GRADE approach to developing evidence-based guidelines for allergic rhinitis. Click here to access the full text.

August 2012

Visit the ARIA video blog on YouTube! ARIA leaders have completed a series of short videos on topics related to allergic rhinitis, ARIA, and GARD. Each of the 21 videos is between just 1 and 4 minutes long, but packed with information. Videos are available in English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Urdu.  Click here to view the full series of videos!

December 2011

Congratulations to the new members of the Executive Committee and Planning Group of the Global Alliance Against Chronic Respiratory Diseases (GARD), who were elected at the recent GARD General Meeting. We are happy to see several members of the new GARD leadership who are also active in ARIA:

GARD Executive Committee:

  • Dr. Jean Bousquet  - Chair
  • Dr. Nikolai Khaltaev - Vice Chair
  • WHO Representative (Dr. Shanthi Mendis/Dr. Eugene Zheleznyakov)
  • Dr. Arzu Yorgancioglu (elected by the Meeting)
  • Dr. Alexander Chuchalin (nominated by WHO, GARD Chair and GARD Vice-Chair)

GARD Planning Group:

Representatives of professional organizations in the field of respiratory medicine:     
Dr. Talant Sooronbaev, KTS, Kyrgyzstan  
Dr. Mohammad Reza Masjedi, NRITLD, Iran
Dr. Lan Le Thi Tuyet, Vietnam   
Representatives of professional organizations in the field of allergy:  
Dr. Piotr Kuna, Polish Society of Allergology, Poland   
Dr. Cezmi A. Akdis (EAACI), Turkey      
Representative of professional organizations in the field of primary care:       
Dr. Niels Chavannes (IPCRG)     
Representative of pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing and other associations of professions allied to medicine:
Ms. Monica Fletcher (Education for Health)      
Representative of organizations devoted to specific diseases:
Dr. Osman Yusuf, The Allergy and Asthma Institute, ARIA Pakistan    
Representative of professional organizations in the field of pediatrics: 
Dr. Carlos Baena Cagnani, ARIA, Argentina       
Representative of patient organizations:     
Ms. Antje Fink Wagner (GAAP)    
Representative of governmental institutions:
Dr. Rosado Pinto (Portuguese Ministry of Health)
Representative of WHO Collaborating Centers:
Dr. Hironori Sagara (WHO Collaborating Center, Japan)   
Representative of collaborating  foundations:
Dr. Yousser Mohammad, ICC, Syria
Representative of the Country-Focus Group:   
Dr. Alvaro Cruz, Brazil
Representative of the Working Groups:
Ms. Teresa To (Toronto)

May 2010

At the World Health Meeting, GARD co-organized a symposium on patients and noncommunicable diseases. Paulo Camargos presented a video on a successful pediatric asthma management program in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Watch the video on YouTube.

February 2010

Nycomed has conducted surveys of allergic rhinitis prevalence, impact on quality of life, unmet needs, and other aspects in various regions of the world. These clinical data are being provided by Nycomed for free use. Download a zip file containing adult and pediatric PowerPoint slide sets and an executive summary from the Allergies in America survey.

November 2009 Year of the Lung

2010 will be the Year of the Lung, a global awareness-raising effort being led by the international pulmonary research group FIRS. Tentative plans include press conferences, a visit to the European Parliament, and a World Spirometry Day. Stay tuned for more information on this Website as the project develops.

October 2009 Patients: Take control of your lung health

questionnairesDo you get an itchy or runny nose when you come in contact with things like dust or pollen? Do you sometimes wheeze or feel short of breath? If you’ve been diagnosed with asthma, is your asthma under control?

ARIA has a set of three interactive lung health questionnaires to help you determine if you should talk to your doctor about allergic rhinitis, asthma, or better asthma control.

   Click here to take the questionnaires.